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> PRXT33 : The bio-revitalization treatment
> PEELING Mg-TCA 35: powerful bio-revitalising agent
> Facial peeling: new and radiant skin!

PRXT33 : The bio-revitalization treatment

Bio-revitalisation helps to restore radiance and tone to the skin as well as better elasticity. It improves the complexion and refines the skin texture.
Recommended alone or in combination: It integrates perfectly with combined techniques (mesotherapy, radiofrequency...) thus potentiating the results.

This treatment is suitable for all phototypes.
PRXT33 is indicated against ageing and skin slackening of the face and neck and shoulders and reduces pigmentation spots.

3 sessions spaced 15 days apart provide maximum results.
Each session is quick, requiring only about 20 minutes.
Its use does not cause exfoliation and can be done in any season.

The results are visible from the first session.
For maintenance, 1 session every 3 to 6 months is ideal to preserve all the effects.

PRXT33 bio revitalising care + mesotherapy + LED: From €300 incl. tax.

PEELING Mg-TCA 35: powerful bio-revitalizer

The Mg-TCA 35 peel is a powerful skin bio-revitaliser.
Its action is intense on the signs of ageing because it reduces brown spots, fine lines and expression lines.
It also improves the skin's radiance, texture and complexion and tightens dilated pores.

After careful make-up removal, the practitioner begins by removing grease from the skin and then applies the TCA with a brush. The patient feels a "hot" or even burning sensation for a few minutes. Wet compresses are applied to relieve the sensation of heat and to stop the action of TCA.
It is recommended moisturising the skin on the following days.

The preferred areas for this peeling are the whole face, the neck, neck and shoulders and the back of the hands.
The protocol includes 3 sessions 15 days apart.

Peeling Mg-TCA 35 + Mesolift + LED: From €300 incl. tax.

Facial peeling: new and radiant skin!

The glycolic acid peel is a superficial peel that exfoliates, moisturises and brightens the complexion.

Glycolic acid is a fruit acid obtained from sugar cane, beet or grape extract. It is the smallest fruit acid molecule, which allows it to penetrate the skin very well to effectively stimulate cell activity.

Glycolic acid can be used on all skin types (young or mature, oily or normal). On young and oily skin, it is used as a seborrhoea regulator. On dry skin, it is an excellent anti-wrinkle and lightening agent. In addition, it promotes the elimination of dead cells and the cellular renewal of the epidermis, thus enabling other cosmetics to penetrate the skin better.

Immediately after the treatment, the epidermis turns pink to a greater or lesser extent. If exposed to the sun, sunscreen should be used for 2 to 3 weeks.

Plan 4 treatments for complete dermal action.

At the end of the 4 treatments, a real "radiance of the complexion" is observed, skin becomes smoother, clearer, pores are tightened. The face lights up.

From €100 incl. tax.