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APTOS "Excellence visage" tensor threads

The APTOS "Excellence visage" tensor thread is a minimally invasive technique which allows facial contours to be restored and thus slows down the ageing process.
Equipped with microscopic notches whose shape and position have been specially designed to ensure perfect tissue adhesion, tensor threads ensure the repositioning of sagging tissue and the restoration of the volume of areas.

Under local anaesthesia, the tensor threads are placed with a cannula about 3mm under the skin, in subcutaneous fat.
With a single insertion point per face side located at the edge of the scalp, between 3 and 5 APTOS "Excellence face" threads are positioned on each side.

The naso-labial fold is attenuated, the cheekbones are raised, the jowls are repositioned.
In addition, thanks to bio-stimulation, the quality of the skin is improved: the skin is more hydrated, more supple, more toned.

The results are visible immediately after the threads are placed.
One month later, the results are permanent and last an average of 2 years.
The procedure does not require any social exclusion.

From €1500 incl. tax.

Silhouette Soft tensor threads

Silhouette Soft is the innovative solution that offers what no treatment has ever been able to offer.
The Silhouette Soft treatment offers a long-lasting result from 18 months to 24 months: A redesigned face, restored volume and reduced wrinkles. But silhouette Softis also a treatment of only 30 minutes in your cosmetic clinic.
Moreover, silhouette soft is the most effective, quickest and longest lasting solution to restore smooth and harmonious skin.
The silhouette soft ® product is composed of resorbable tensor threads with bidirectional cones. Designed in the United States, the Silhouette Soft tensor thread was developed from the Silhouette Lift treatment, a solution that has been used for 6 years in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
In fact, the Silhouette Soft resorbable tensor threads allow you to reposition the volume of the face without the need for a scalpel and leaves no scars.

Thanks to the Silhouette Softabsorbable tensor threads, we can perform two joint actions:

  • A lifting effect as soon as Silhouette Soft is applied for an immediate and discreet result!
  • A regenerating effect, thanks to stimulation of the natural production of collagen during the following months, for progressive and natural results!
  • After a mild local anaesthetic, Silhouette Soft is inserted using a micro needle. A Silhouette Soft session in Paris takes 30 minutes and you can get back to normal life quickly.
  • Silhouette Soft is applied according to your desires and the needs of your face. It can be used as a single treatment and as a supplement to fillers and botulinum toxin.

Your doctor has been trained by our Laboratory to apply Silhouette Soft.

During sessions at our cosmetic clinic in Pariswe do injections of resorbable tensor threads. These tensor threads are made of L-polylactic acid enabling us to treat several zones.
Silhouette Soft, a unique solution, offers long-lasting results and corrects the effects of ageing where you feel them.

  • The oval of the face
  • The mandible
  • Cheeks and cheekbones
  • The neck
  • Eyebrows

The Silhouette Soft resorbable tensor thread is the most innovative and effective product on the market.
In fact, the treatment has many advantages such as:

  • An instant and natural lifting effect.
  • A progressive restoration of lost collagen.
  • A fully resorbable component.
  • One treatment lasting 30 minutes.
  • No incision.
  • Lasting effects for up to 18 months.
  • A tailor-made treatment to prevent sagging of various areas: mandible, neck, cheekbones, cheeks and eyebrows.

This technique is a transcutaneous procedure that is done by inserting meso threads and resorbable tensor threadsit treats wrinkles and sagging skin. It restores rejuvenated and rested features.

The threads are made of polydioxanone, which have been used in cardiac and plastic surgery for 50 years. Absorbed by natural hydrolysis in 6 months, they provide a redefining and lifting effect for up to 18 months.

These threads cause reactive fibrosis, a normal healing process that induces neo-collagenosis around and near the threads, which stimulates skin tone in these areas.

The notched tensor threads allow tension to be applied to the skin

  • 1 zone (2 threads): From €1,200 incl. tax.
  • 2 zones (4 threads): From €2,000 incl. tax.
  • 3 zones (6 threads): From €2,800 incl. tax.


Non-notched meso threads are active on the redefinition of the dermis

  • 1 zone: From €600 incl. tax.
  • 2 zones: From €900 incl. tax.
  • 3 zones: From €1,300 incl. tax.