Dr Sandrine Sebban

  • Doctor of Medicine, specialising in Cosmetic Medicine
  • Trained in Paris-France
  • 20 years of experience in all medical cosmetic techniques (injection of fillers, peels, mesotherapy, PRP scalp, tensor threads, laser, lipocryotherapy)
  • Inventor of the "Soft Filling Technique", an innovative injection technique based on the use of micro-cannulas, launched internationally in 2009
  • Inventor of the "One Point Technique" launched in 2011
  • Inventor of the SoftFil® EasyGuide "pilot needle", a patented device to facilitate cannula injections in 2015
  • Inventor of the "STOP Facial Ageing Method™", launched in March 2017 and awarded in September 2017


  • Experimental doctor in clinical trials for filler product laboratories
  • International trainer in injection techniques (since 2003)
  • International trainer in PRP scalp techniques (since 2011)
  • University lecturer in injection techniques (since 2009)
  • International expert (since 2003) at international congresses in Australia, China, Israel, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Russia, USA... such as IMCAS Paris & Shanghai, AMWC Paris & Monaco, EADV, SOFCPRE, BTS..


  • Master's degree in Biology and Toxicology - 1993
  • Thesis for Doctorate in Medicine - Paris XII - June 1998
  • Specialization in Mesotherapy - 2000
  • Specialization in Laser Rejuvenation & Hair Removal - 2002
  • University degree in Injection and Filling Techniques in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery - 2010

Publications of Dr. Sebban

  • Author of the book "Gain 10 years in 3 months" - JC Lattès Editions, 2007 & 2012, translated into Polish, German and Russian
  • Regular speaker in the media (radio, TV, press) in France and abroad
  • Scientific contributor