Dr Sandrine Sebban's training courses

Inventor of the "Soft Filling Technique" in 2009, then the "One Point Technique" in 2012 based on the use of micro-cannulas, the "Easy Guide" in 2015, then the STOP Facial Ageing Method TM in 2017; Dr. Sandrine Sebban has been training dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors throughout the world since 2003.

Alongside renowned laboratories, she contributed to the launch of Juvederm Voluma in many countries, including Japan, Poland, Australia and Russia.

In workshops at international congresses, master classes or in her clinic, she is committed to teaching and discussing anti-ageing treatments and injections, with natural results, taking care to avoid side effects and pain.


...around the world

USA (Miami), Israel (Tel Aviv), Australia (Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney), Japan (Tokyo), Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Ekaterinburg), China (Guangzhou, Shanghai), Poland (Warsaw, Krakow), Tunisia, Morocco, Europe

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