Effortless training
Develop your muscles and burn fat

The EMSCULPT system is the only process that promotes muscle building and fat elimination simultaneously and effortlessly.
EMSCULPT uses a non-invasive technology based on the principle of targeted, high-intensity electromagnetic waves that cause involuntary, deep and intense muscle contractions.
These contractions cause:

  • An increase in the number and volume of muscle fibres
  • The combustion of the fat mass by increasing the metabolism leading to their definitive destruction.
  • The buttocks
  • The stomach
  • The arms

The duration of a session (corresponding to a zone) is 30 minutes.
For the treatment to be effective, a minimum of 4 sessions spaced 2-3 days apart is recommended.

Results begin to be visible 2 to 4 weeks after the end of the last session and continue to improve for several weeks after treatment.
At the end of the treatment, for non-athletes, one session per month of maintenance is necessary and for athletes, one session every three months.

For 4 sessions: From €1,200 incl. tax (the zone)
For 1 session: From €400 incl. tax (the zone)