Publications of Dr. Sebban

Dr Sandrine Sebban - Author of the book

"Gain 10 years in 3 months
Slimmer, prettier, younger... without surgery!"

JC Lattès éditions, 2007.

Today, it is up to you to be in good shape, to regain a true silhouette, to give your face a new glow, to "de-granny" yourself. Looking younger is within everyone's reach and this does not necessarily require cosmetic surgery ... but simply a little willpower! Dr. Sebban is the guardian angel of a three-month, four-step programme:

  1. Operation silhouette : objective, lose a few pounds and bulges and kick the cellulite out of the thighs. To do this, she proposes a simple 3-step diet and above all advice to keep your spirits up.
  2. Anti-wrinkle operation: the revolution in cosmetic medicine. We're not going to get into a frantic race against time. How to make optimal use of the ultra-specialized techniques of cosmetic medicine that could replace cosmetic surgery?
  3. Operation Energy: the secrets of anti-ageing. How does anti-ageing medicine work? Why the need for blood tests? What is the purpose of food supplements? How to use them? How do you develop a sports programme that fits your personality?
  4. Operation De-Granny: the good "ten years off" plans. How can you look young by dressing up, doing your hair and make-up intelligently? How to give up his 1986 wardrobe and his Mireille Matthieu Cup?
    For the first time in a book, a complete programme - diet, cosmetic medicine, appearance - simple and tonic told with a lot of humour and illustrated with a thousand tricks and drawings that make you want to follow it on the spot!

Regular speaker 
in TV shows on cosmetic medicine.

for various French magazines: “Femme Actuelle", "Santé Magazine", "Elle".

Expert consultant
for the Cosmetic industry.