Exilis Elite

EXILIS is a revolutionary device that combines ultrasound technology with radio frequency technology. EXILIS firms the tissues deep down, enables skin tightening and reduces fat. EXILIS has been approved by the FDA (American health authority) and has been marketed in the United States since 2009.
The coupling of radio frequency with ultrasound and a high-tech tissue cooling system act simultaneously on the skin.
Radio frequency raises the temperature inside the fat tissue, in a controlled and localised manner, for a lipolytic (fat destruction) and stimulating action. At the skin level, this phenomenon results in an immediate effect of retraction (tightening effect) and then progressively by cellular repair. The ultrasound emitted by EXILIS frees the fat cells from their fibrotic state and makes them more permeable to radio frequency. The adipocyte content is removed naturally. The cooling system protects the skin surface and ensures patient comfort during treatment.

Skin looks younger, more toned and tighter.
At body level, the exilis session removes fat deposits in a targeted manner, helps to reshape the contours of the silhouette and fights against skin slackening. The areas that are most frequently treated are: belly, love handles, buttocks, jodhpur thighs, thighs, knees and arms.

The recommended standard protocol for the body is 4 to 6 sessions, with an interval of 7 to 10 days.
Unlike surgical techniques or +/- invasive procedures such as lasers or peels, this treatment can be offered in all seasons, regardless of skin pigmentation

The body rates are defined on estimate according to the zones to be treated during the consultation with Doctor Sebban