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For tightening and firming of the skin

What is radio frequency and how does it work?

Radio Frequency (RF) is an advanced technology that safely heats collagen in the dermis. If sufficient energy is delivered, collagen will contract, allowing for an immediate change in the appearance of the skin. RF has two major advantages over other technologies: it penetrates deeper into the skin and it is not dependent on skin colour: it can be used all year round, on all skin types. The treatment is painless, relaxing, is without side effects and without social exclusion.

VENUS LEGACY radio frequency

VENUS LEGACY is the first device that combines mutlipolar radio frequency, pulsed electromagnetic fields and VariePulse technology. This unique technology allows us to offer non-invasive and painless treatments in body reshaping.
The skin becomes firmer and cellulite is reduced. The multipolar radio frequency causes a thermal reaction in tissue, which stimulates the fibroblasts and boosts the production of collagen. The natural process is reactivated.

  • Firming of the skin
  • Non-invasive body contouring
  • Reduction of cellulite and orange peel skin appearance
The result is visible from the first session and progressive throughout the treatment.
Plan 8 to 10 sessions, one session per week.

VENUS LEGACY Body / Radio frequency: From €180 incl. tax the zone. From €300 incl. tax the 2 zones.

VENUS VIVA micro-needling

VENUS VIVA micro-needling enables zero-defect skin! It is the benchmark treatment for skin texture.

The micro-needle therapy system is a procedure that stimulates the dermis to produce a new formation of collagen and elastin fibres. Skin texture is thus improved whilst preserving the skin structure.

VENUS VIVA Micro-needling is indicated for the treatment of stretch marks

An anaesthetic cream is applied 1 hour before the session. Painless, the VENUS VIVA micro-needling treatment takes only 15 minutes. The practitioner can define the power and duration of the pulse delivered to the skin, depending on the desired effect.
The VENUS VIVA micro-needling radio frequency enables significant tissue repair with efficiency from the 1st session. During the pulse, radio frequency waves emitted on the surface of the skin travel between the micro-needles.
The skin is smoothed, firmed, evened out. VENUS VIVA micro-needling provides unique skin regeneration! For 48 hours, the skin is red and sensitive. It is recommended avoiding all sources of heat: sun, UV, hammam, sauna, swimming pool and not to apply any products or make-up.
From €500€ inc. tax, per session The skin is treated in 3 to 4 sessions spaced one month apart.