PRXT33: The bio-revitalisation treatment

Bio-revitalisation helps restore skin radiance and tone, as well as improving elasticity. It enhances the complexion and refines the texture of the skin.
Recommended for use on its own or in combination with other treatments: It works perfectly with other, combined techniques (mesotherapy, radiofrequency, etc.) to maximise results.

What are the indications?

This treatment is suitable for all phototypes.
PRXT33 is indicated to combat ageing and sagging of the skin of the face and neckline and also reduces the appearance of dark spots.

What is the treatment programme?

3 sessions, 15 days apart to achieve optimum results.
Each session is quick, taking just twenty minutes (approx.).
This treatment does not cause exfoliation and can be performed at any time of year.

How long do the results last?

The results are visible from the first session.
After the initial treatment, one session every 3 to 6 months is ideal to maintain all of the effects.


PRXT33 bio-revitalisation treatment + mesotherapy + LED = €300

Mg-TCA 35 PEEL: powerful biorevitalisation

What is the Mg-TCA 35 peel?

The Mg-TCA 35 peel provides powerful cutaneous biorevitalisation.
It has a strong anti-ageing effect, reducing brown spots, lines and expression wrinkles.
It also serves to improve the radiance, texture and complexion of the skin and tightens dilated pores.

How is the treatment conducted?

After carefully wiping off all traces of make-up, the practitioner starts by removing the oil from the skin and applies the TCA using a brush. The patient will feel a sensation of heat or even burning for a few minutes. Moist compresses are placed onto the skin to reduce this feeling of heat and to stop the TCA’s action.
It is recommended that patients properly hydrate their skin for several days following the treatment.

What areas can it be applied to?

This peel is particularly suited to the face, neck, neckline and back of the hands.
The protocol comprises three sessions that are fixed at 15-day intervals.

Price information:

Mg-TCA 35 peel + Mesolift + LED: €300

Face peeling: fresh, glowing skin!

Glycolic acid peel is a superficial peel that helps to exfoliate, moisturise and clarify the complexion.

What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is a fruit acid obtained from sugar cane, sugar beet or grape extract. It is the smallest molecule of fruit acids, which allows it to have very good penetration into the skin to effectively stimulate cellular activity.

When to use glycolic acid

Glycolic acid can be used on all skin types (young or mature, oily or normal). On young and oily skin, it is used as to regulate seborrhea. On dry skin, it is excellent for anti-ageing and brightening. It alsohelps eliminate dead cells and helps with cell renewal of the epidermis allowing other cosmetic products to better penetrate the skin.


Immediately after the treatment, skin reddens slightly. If exposed to sunlight, it is necessary to use a full screen for 2 to 3 weeks.

Plan for 4 treatments for complete skin care action.

At the end of the 4 treatments, a real “radiance” can be observed; the skin becomes smoother and clearer, pores are tightened. The face lights up.


100€ incl. VAT

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