Fractional laser

An excellent tightening treatment

What is Icon?

Icon is a high-tech fractional laser whose aim is to provoke the natural correction of skin imperfections. It is performed with a hand piece that transmits a large number of tiny laser beams at a very fast pace, creating multiple impacts on the entire surface of the treatment area: on average, over 1 cm², 100 to 1000 puncture points are created.

1) By reaction, the skin regenerates naturally by scarring at each of these impacts or columns, in a smooth tightening manner.

2) The heat source that generates around each impact activates skin cells with secretion of collagen and elastin by its cells, both natural skin molecules that give it its flexibility and volume.

What does Icon do?

The penetration of the laser beams is deep enough to impart a real action throughout the thickness of the dermis, without endangering the integrity of the surface of the skin tissue.

What can one expect with Icon?

Although there are differences from one person to another, experience shows that the effects usually persist beyond three years.
It not only fixes many surface problems (reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, pore closure, reduction of pigmentation and small vascular abnormalities), but concerns sagging and restores skin texture and volume with an overall rejuvenating effect, without surgery.

It also acts on scars, including acne scars. Its applications are not limited to the face, as the neck, neckline, hands, back of the arms or other body areas can also be treated. The goal of treatment is not necessarily to eliminate all symptoms, but to mitigate them by finding a global aesthetic harmony of the face and body.


Treatment lasts approximately 15 minutes according to the number of treatment areas. The patient feels tingling and an increase in temperature that is very tolerable.

Post-laser care

The skin is red. The patient feels a strong sensation of warmth for 3 hours. Applying a mask immediately after treatment helps to soothe, hydrate and refresh patients in a pleasant way.


Allow for 4 sessions at 1 month intervals
€500.00 incl. VAT per session

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