GentleMax Pro Laser hair removal

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How laser hair removal works with GentleMax Pro

Laser and light-based treatments have been used for years in a wide range of medical and cosmetic applications.
The GENTLEMAX PRO laser emits a light that destroys the pigment found in hair, called melanin, and removes the hair at its root.

The results

At the cutting-edge of technology in this field, the new GentleMax Pro machine delivers excellent and fast results.
This treatment gently and effectively removes any kind of hair, except for grey hairs, regardless of the patient’s skin type (fair or dark skin).


What is the duration of treatment?

The duration of treatment varies depending on your specific needs.
Hair regrowth diminishes with each treatment, but the number of sessions required depends on the hair type and colour, the area treated, and the patient’s skin phototype.

What to expect during the session

The patient and practitioner must wear eye protection to protect their eyes from the laser beam.
A topical anaesthetic cream is applied one hour before.
A hand-piece is placed on the area to be treated. This delivers the laser shot.
Treatment can take anywhere from ten minutes to over an hour, depending on the size of the area being treated.

Is it painful?

GENTLEMAX PRO prepares the skin for treatment with the patented Dynamic Cooling Device and anaesthetic cream. A cryogen spray is applied to the skin surface prior to the laser pulse, and for varying lengths of time (several milliseconds). The DCD process minimises pain and discomfort during the treatment.

Which areas can be treated?

Face, upper lip, cheeks, chin, neck, chest, stomach, arms, shoulders, bikini line, legs, back. All areas can be treated.


For example:
Underarms: From €100 / session
Bikini line: From €150 / session
½ Legs: From €200 / session

A quote is provided during the initial consultation.
Packages are available.

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