Doctor Sandrine Sebban

M.D., Cosmetic Physician
Educated and trained in Paris-France
Opening of Dr Sebban’s clinic in 2000 with a dedicated staff near the Champs-Elysées
20 years of professional experience in the broad spectrum of aesthetics (including filler injections, peelings, mesotherapy, PRP, contour threads, skin resurfacing lasers, lipocryotherapy)
Inventor of the « Soft Filling Technique », a highly innovative micro-cannula-based filler injection technique launched internationally in 2009
Inventor of the « One Point Technique » launched in 2011
Inventor of the “pilot needle” SoftFil® EasyGuide, a patented device for easy cannula injections in 2015
Inventor of the « STOP Facial Ageing Method™ » launched in march 2017 and awarded in september 2017.


Reference physician for clinical experiments international filler companies
International filler injection trainer (since 2003)
International PRP injection trainer (since 2011)
University teacher in filler injection techniques (since 2009)
International speaker (since 2003) at worldwide congresses in Australia, China, Israel, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Russia, USA… such as IMCAS Paris & Shanghai, AMWC Paris & Monaco, EADV, SOFCPRE, BTS…

Main qualifications – Licenses – Certifications

Master’s Degree in Biology and Toxicology – 1993
Doctoral Thesis in Medicine Paris XII Hospital – June 1998
Specialization in Mesotherapy – 2000
Specialization in Laser Rejuvenation and Hair Removal – 2002
Degree in Injection and Filling Techniques in Dermatology and Aesthetic surgery – 2010

Publications – Writings

Author of the book « Gagner 10 ans en 3 mois » – JC Lattès Editions, 2007 & 2012, translated in Polish, German, and Russian.
Regular speaker and consultant for various media (radio, TV, press releases) in France and abroad
Scientific contributor



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