Réouverture du cabinet

Le Dr Sebban et son équipe sont heureuses de vous annoncer la réouverture du cabinet à compter du 11 mai 2020.

Nous prendrons toutes les dispositions nécessaires en matière d’hygiène contre l’épidémie actuelle, ainsi nous serons équipées pour la meilleure protection de tous.
Aucun retard de rdv ne pourra être accepté afin de répondre aux règles de distanciation physique.
Par ailleurs nous vous demandons de ne pas venir accompagnés.

Pour la sécurité de tous, il faudra respecter les gestes barrières :

  • distanciation physique
  • port d’un masque qui vous sera fourni
  • lavage des mains au gel hydroalcoolique qui sera mis à votre disposition.

Ne prenez pas de rendez-vous ou reportez le, si vous avez été en contact dans les 2 dernières semaines avec une personne présentant des symptômes qui feraient suspecter une infection par le Coronavirus.

Si vous avez présenté des signes faisant suspecter une infection par le Coronavirus, vous devez attendre au moins un mois après la disparition des signes pour pouvoir bénéficier d’acte de médecine esthétique.

Si vous avez des questions vous pouvez nous les transmettre par mail: [email protected]

Prenez soin de vous.

Bien à vous

Dr Sandrine Sebban et son équipe.


Get the beach body you’ve been dreaming of in time for summer with CoolSculpting!

Do you have unwanted fat along your stomach, hips, sides of your thighs, or on the inside of your knees? You can now eliminate the part of your body you find unsightly.
A CoolSculpting treatment destroys around 30% of the fat cells present in the target area and reshapes your body.

CoolSculpting uses a controlled cooling technique. Fat cells are crystallised, then naturally eliminated by the body.

After a single session, you will see visible, effective, and long-lasting results after two months. This has been confirmed through the seven years we have been providing CoolSculpting services in our practice.

This procedure will help you attain a more sculpted you.


Enjoy the benefits of biophotonics, with the KLERESCA range of treatments!

Kleresca® Acne Treatment targets the different causes of acne and improves the marks and scars left on the skin.

Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment treats the signs and symptoms of rosacea and stimulates the skin’s own repair mechanisms.

Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation boosts collagen production by approximately 400% and gently rejuvenates your skin.

Let’s get the year off to a beautiful start!


Perfect’Skin, or the promise of radiant skin!

Based on the principle of Dermalinfusion, Perfect’Skin draws on this process to offer a comprehensive treatment combining non-invasive skin exfoliation with a needle-free injection of a solution chosen based on the patient’s skin type.

Skin functions are regulated and cell growth is stimulated, thereby restoring the skin’s freshness.

Perfect’Skin is a beauty solution for the skin of your face, eye area, neck or décolleté!

Visage, contour des yeux, cou ou décolleté, Perfect’Skin est la solution adaptée à la beauté de votre peau !

Discover Perfect’Skin care by Cabinet du Dr SEBBAN

Universkin Serums: “YOUR SKIN, YOUR FORMULA”

Who wouldn’t want to give their skin personalised, effective treatment every day?

In our practice, we can define and design a single serum tailored to meet the needs of your skin.
Following a personalised interview, your “prescription” treatment will be made for you, with you, there and then.

Your serum will consist of a base and pure active ingredients selected from the range of 19 active ingredients defined by the French pharmaceutical company Universkin.

The Universkin serum base is a high-tech vector allowing up to three targeted active ingredients to be incorporated. It is composed of camelina oil, which allows the skin* to produce powerful natural anti-inflammatories (omega 3); biomimetic peptides, contributing to the physiological balance of the skin*; and hyaluronic acid.

Used regularly, your serum will allow you to benefit from the treatment provided in our medical practice, at home.

* upper layers of the skin

New Exilis Elite

At last a technique to treat loose skin on the face and body!

Exilis Elite® combines two complementary, synergistic energy sources: focused ultrasound and monopolar radiofrequency.

Exilis Elite® has an anti-ageing effect. It tightens the skin and corrects the sagging caused by loss of volume.

Exilis Elite® eliminates localised fatty tissue and remodels the contours of the face or body, while preventing sagging of the skin.

After 4 to 6 sessions, the skin is more supple, smoother and firmer.

Optimum results can be seen two months after the last session. Just in time for the spring!

Thermavein news

Remove small blood vessels once and for all this autumn with the new Thermavein process
Thermavein offers a fast and effective solution to treat fine red, blue or purple blood vessels frequently located on the side of the nose, chin or cheeks.

Clinically proven, Thermavein is a precise, quick and safe treatment.

With the help of a needle, the walls of the visible, superficial blood vessels are sealed causing them to disappear – it’s as simple as that. Finally an effective solution against those small unsightly blood vessels!

Give your skin a pre-summer boost with SkinBooster !

SkinBooster is a hyaluronic acid-based treatment with low cross-linking, meaning a low-density formula (Redensity by Teoxane, Restylane Vital by Galderma or HydroMax by Vivacy). Using a fine needle inserted under the skin, the physician “coats” the mid and deep dermis (just below the skin’s surface), which does not alter your facial features or proportions.

SkinBooster stimulates collagen and elastin production to achieve intense hydration and slow the appearance of deep wrinkles. Your skin’s elasticity is restored, improving its appearance and firmness.

Skin is more supple, plumper, softer, firmer and brighter!

New anti-ageing peel: Mg-TCA 35

As an ideal treatment for lines, expression wrinkles and skin spots, the Mg-TCA 35 peel acts strongly against signs of ageing.
It acts on the epidermis and dermis to stimulate their renewal.
Its formulation allows for it to be applied to the face, neck, neckline and hands.
Mg-TCA 35 is suitable for all skin types.

Depending on the degree of ageing, a maximum of three layers can be applied to the skin using a brush.
The treatment protocol comprises three sessions held at 15-day intervals.
The peel entails slight erythema and moderate desquamation but does not impose any social exclusion. Results are visible after the first session.